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How to Persuade a Stubborn Loved One to Wear a Hearing Aid?

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

Trying to convince a stubborn loved one of the importance of a hearing aid can be quite challenging, especially when they are not interested in the subject. Such a loved one might give several reasons or excuses for their lack of interest, from cost to comfort or personal preferences. Unfortunately, most of the excuses given are born out of misconceptions about hearing aids. The more your loved one continues to wave off their need for a hearing aid, the worse their condition gets. So, how do you convince a stubborn loved one that they need to wear a hearing aid? Here are a few tips you can use. 


The first excuse your stubborn loved one may give for not using hearing aids would be about the cost of the aids. Contrary to what many may believe, hearing aids are affordable and budget-friendly. If your loved one uses price as an excuse, take the time to crunch the numbers with them. Hearing aids are very advanced devices that go a long way to help people experiencing hearing loss. Therefore, it should be seen as an excellent investment to make towards your ear and hearing health. 

You can research various programs available to assist hard hearing people get the hearing aids they need at an affordable price. You can also speak with your audiologist about your options and how to get affordable hearing aids for your loved one.

A family concern

It is quite understandable that your loved one may consider the decision to get hearing aids as a personal one to make. And they may feel that that right to decide is taken away when you keep suggesting hearing aids to them. However, the truth is that their hearing loss affects the whole family, as it causes some levels of withdrawal due to communication barriers. It is essential to let them know that although getting a hearing aid is a personal decision, it also affects the family’s dynamics. 

Take time to talk to your loved one about the impact on the whole family and show how concerned the family is. Offer your support as a family and indicate how getting a hearing aid will benefit the entire family. 

Mention the benefits

One of the crucial steps to take in convincing a stubborn loved one is talking to them about the benefits of wearing hearing aids. Hearing loss can cause a person to withdraw because of communication barriers. Hearing aids foster improved relationships and eliminate miscommunication. So, you would not be mistaken for being rude for not replying to questions or being engaged in conversations.

Hearing aids also promote greater independence, as you longer need to rely on others. It gives you the freedom to get back to your daily life without being nervous, paranoid or unsure. It also makes you more comfortable around others. In general, hearing aids help to improve the quality of your life, make you happier, more approachable and even more employable.

Be empathetic

The last thing you want to do is display a sense of authority when trying to convince a loved one to wear a hearing aid. When approaching the issue, try your best to be empathetic and loving in making your point. Try putting yourself in the shoes of your loved one and understand how they feel. It is easier to make logical arguments from the outside, but for a person living with hearing loss, emotions may also be in play. 

Let your loved one understand that you want the best for them, and don’t always expect the conversation to go your way. Also, do not be hasty when having such a conversation. Take your time and try another time if the first attempt doesn’t work. Most importantly, give your loved one enough time to chew on what you have said.

Pick the right time

Timing is everything when it comes to convincing your loved one to wear a hearing aid. Try not to start a conversation about this topic when they are stressed out about other issues. Avoid raising this subject when your loved ones are experiencing major breakdowns or frustrated about their hearing loss. 

The best time to bring up the subject is when they feel peaceful or comfortable, or you have a quiet time with them. Next, get rid of all forms of distraction. Turn off your phones and the television to ensure that nothing interrupts your conversation. If you are in a crowded or noisy home, find a quiet place to talk. 

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