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3 Ways To Support Your Hearing Health

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Once you have experienced hearing loss, then in the majority of cases, it is gone for good. Our hearing is so precious and although technology has come a long way to improve hearing aids and support those people experiencing hearing loss, taking control to support and help your hearing health is important. That is why raising awareness about what you can do to support your hearing health and knowing about the prevalence of hearing loss and how seeing an audiologist early on, can all make a difference. 

If you have found that your hearing has changed recently, then don’t wait too much longer to do something about it. You should make an appointment with an audiologist today. The good news is that it is never too early to start taking care of your ear health. So, with that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to look after your hearing health, to protect your hearing and your ears. 

Use Earplugs or Ear Defenders Around Loud Noises

Did you know that around 15% of Americans have experienced hearing loss as a result of excessive noise? Noise-induced hearing loss is something that can happen as a result of loud social, leisure or work environments. If you work in construction, for example, then you’re much more likely to have to think about protecting your hearing with earplugs or ear defenders, than you would be if you work in an office environment. 

It isn’t just about where you work either. Music concerts, clubs and even using a chainsaw or a lawnmower at home can all impact your hearing health if you’re not taking steps to prevent hearing loss. If you find that you have to shout to be heard by someone next to you, then you should be using ear defenders or earplugs to avoid any dangerous levels of sound. The good news is that earplugs are easy to get, and you can even get a pair of earplugs that are custom fit for you; this is something to ask your audiologist about.

Manage Your Levels of Stress

You may not be aware that anxiety and stress can be linked to your hearing and the quality of your hearing, especially when it comes to tinnitus. Tinnitus is when you experience ringing in your ears, and it can often lead to hearing loss. When you are very stressed, it can mean that your body is instinctually ready for action all the time, with high levels of adrenaline. When this is sustained, through lack of stress-relief, then it can put a lot of pressure on your body, in particular, your nerves, body heat and blood flow. This buildup of pressure from stress can lead to pressure in the inner ear, which is why tinnitus can occur as a result. 

It can be hard to live a life that is completely free of stress. However, there are things that we can all do to relieve daily stress, to help to improve all aspects of our health, but especially our hearing health. 

Avoid Anything Going in Your Ear

If you feel like you have a buildup of wax in your ear or have an itch in the ear, then it can be tempting to use something like a cotton swab to go into their ear. This is something that is definitely not advisable, especially if you are wanting to look after your hearing health. Something like wax in your ear is normal, and it is also important. Our ears clean themselves, and something like wax stops dust and other particles from getting into the ear. Not only that, but if you decide to put something like a cotton swab in your ear, then you could cause damage to your eardrum, whether by pushing on it or pushing wax close to it, so that hearing is impacted. 

If you feel like you have a buildup of wax in your ear, then you can do something else about it. Not only can professionals help you to get rid of it, but using a clean damp towel, you can clean around the ear canal, when done so gently. There are also different solutions that can be used to dissolve a wax buildup, but these should only be taken when advised to do so by a professional. For any questions about this, get in touch with your audiologist to find out more and what can be done.

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