Compassionate and Professional Hearing Healthcare

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Portland Audiology Clinic, LLC is independently owned and operated by Dr. Maralyn Martindale and Dr. Jacob Beadles. We are passionate about proper patient education and care regarding better hearing and communication. We are here for your journey, whether it is identifying hearing loss, protecting your normal hearing ears or to simply paint a clearer picture of the world of sounds that you have been missing.

Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

The first step to discovering whether you’re a candidate for hearing aids is a diagnostic audiologic evaluation. During this evaluation with one of our compassionate audiologists, you’ll learn what type and degree of hearing loss you may have and, more importantly, the next steps in your path toward more robust hearing. 

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Earwax Removal

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance within our ear canals. Known as cerumen, the sticky substance protects the delicate workings of the inner ear from dirt and other debris. However, sometimes individuals produce too much earwax, especially if they wear hearing devices. When this occurs, earwax impaction can occur, causing pain, discomfort and temporary hearing loss. Our audiologists are specially trained in earwax removal when overproduction and impaction become issues.

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Evaluation for Hearing Aids

The hearing aid market is stocked with choices for those in need of devices. It can seem overwhelming at first. The audiologists at Portland Audiology Clinic work closely with their patients to provide compassionate care and education about the many types and styles of hearing aids available. During a hearing aid evaluation, patients will learn which type of hearing aid is best suitable for their type and degree of hearing loss as well as their lifestyle and budget.

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Hearing Aid Programming

Wearing hearing aids is like riding a bike: it takes some practice, but eventually, it becomes second nature. At Portland Audiology Clinic, we guide our patients through the ins and outs of hearing aids during a hearing aid programming appointment. This appointment empowers the patient to walk into the world knowing how to confidently use their hearing aids. 

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Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Even with the best intentions and care, hearing aids can get damaged and require repair and upkeep. At Portland Audiology Clinic, we go the extra mile to provide hearing aid repair and maintenance for our patients to help them get the most out of their investment. 

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Industrial Hearing Screening

Hearing damage due to industrial noise is a hazard that no employee or employer should have to worry about. Our audiologists provide OSHA-approved industrial hearing screenings for employers to help prevent the potential damage of long-term exposure to industrial noise.

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Tinnitus Treatment Options

If you suffer from a constant ringing, buzzing, whistling or other noise in your ear, you’re like one in 15 million Americans with a condition known as tinnitus. Tinnitus is actually a symptom of another underlying health condition causing this phenomenon. Because there are many health conditions that can cause tinnitus, treating it can be difficult. Our audiologists work closely with you and your primary care physician to determine the cause of tinnitus, enabling us to determine the best course of remediation, such as hearing aids, white noise machines or therapy.

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